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Renewable Heat Incentive

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments should help to pay for, or offset most of the cost of installation. Under the RHI scheme, you will receive tax-free payments on a quarterly basis for 7 years.

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How Your Heat Pump Subsidies (RHI payments) Are Calculated

You are paid for every renewable unit used to heat your property – based on its heat demand (space heating + water heating) which can be found on your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). (The RHI is capped at 20,000kWh of heat demand).

Heat demand, divided by the heat pump efficiency (also referred to as the SCOP), gives you the amount, in units of electricity that you use to power the heat pump.
e.g. 20,000 / 3.2 = 6,250kWh

If you take the electricity used away from the total heat demand, you are left with the amount of renewable units of heat that your heat pump will produce to heat your home.
e.g. 20,000kWh – 6,250kWh = 13,750kWh

The renewable units of heat times by the RHI rate (10.18p/kWh) gives you the annual RHI payment.
e.g. 13,750kWh x 10.18p = £1,399.75
(The heating efficiency/ SCOP is determined by the type and size of heat pump, and the temperature of the water inside your heating system).


Increased Government Funding for Air Source Heat Pumps

At the end of 2017 the Government made a commitment to supporting air source heating, increasing the RHI by 25%, and outlining their intention to support the uptake of environmentally friendly heating systems. Anyone who has had an install since 14th December 2016 will be uplifted to the new rate.

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Non-Domestic RHI

Commercial renewable heating offers large savings, and extended payments guaranteed for 20 years. The rates are dependent on the size of system your property requires, please speak to our team for more details.

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