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Biomass Boilers

Burning wood

A biomass boiler is a renewable-energy heating system which can be used to heat a single room or to power central heating system and your hot water form homes and commercial units.Government-backed funding is available to encourage the uptake of Biomass, find out more about the Renewable Heat Incentive here.

How does a Biomass Boiler work?

Woodchips, pellets or logs are fed into the biomass boiler either manually or automatically. The boiler will then burn this to create heat, this is then sent to radiators or underfloor heating. The excess heat is then stored in a hot water cylinder and can then be used for showers, baths and taps.

Saving Money with BiomassBiomass Boilers from Greenscape Energy

Biomass boilers are much more cost effective to run than conventional alternatives, they are highly efficient and do not require much maintenance. The initial outlay is compensated by the government-backed Renewable Heat Incentive along with healthy savings on heating costs.

Oil Heating

Switching from oil to Biomass is a natural choice thanks to the significant savings wood pellets offer over the cost of the comparatively very expensive oil.

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