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Rointe Smart Heaters and Radiators

The Rointe oil-filled smart radiators combine maximum heat dissipation with low energy consumption, boasting 62% in power savings over other electric radiators due to their unique and patented heating elements, and ‘Fuzzy Logic Energy Control’ technology.

Fuzzy Logic Energy Control improves the management of the energy needed to keep within ± 0.25ºC of the established temperature, allowing the radiators to maintain a constant temperature of 21 ° C in a room using only 38% of their power.

Rointe Connect


The Rointe Delta series also introduces built in Wi-Fi, a first-of-it’s-kind innovation in electric heating, allowing you to monitor your consumption in real-time, and control each radiator, or your entire heating system, via your smart phone or tablet using the Rointe Connect app.


Rointe Smart Radiators and Rointe Connect smart phone application- smart heating from Greenscape Energy

Rointe Delta Series Video

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