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Solar Panels

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panels allow you to generate your own electricity, and earn money by sending surplus electricity back to the national grid.


Solar installations offer a lucrative, low-risk investment, whilst saving the planet in the process.


Solar Panel Installation | Greenscape Energy

How Much Does Solar PV Cost?

How many panels do I need, and how much will they cost? These are always the first questions we are asked, and the answer is that Solar PV installations should not be a 'one-size-fits-all' solution. The correct-size of solar PV installation for your property is dependent on your current (and potential future) electricity consumption, available roof space, and budget.


Greenscape Energy offers FREE ENERGY SURVEYS to identify the most suitable system for your home, and to show you how much you can earn and save with Solar PV.

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How Solar PV Works

When you are generating electricity it is used first in your home, and if you have no need for it, the electricity will automatically flow back to the national grid. Battery options are also available to store this surplus electricity, so it can be used of an evening when your PV system stops generating. You can read more about how solar works here.


Best Solar Panels

Our solar panel system types section will give you an outline of what options are available, and to allow you to decide on the best solar PV panels for your budget.


Solar PV Maintenance

If you already own a solar PV system, please read on for advice about diagnosing faults, how to work out what you should be generating, or fixing faulty inverters.
There are also options which will allow you to benefit from greater electricity savings + earnings by upgrading your solar PV system.

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Solar Panels

Free Energy Surveys

One of our fully qualified energy surveyors will come out and visit you to show you how much you can ...
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Solar Panel System Types

When deciding on which system is best for your property, your main consideration will be the choice of inverter. The ...
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How Solar Works

Photovoltaic Panels Solar PV (photovoltaic) panels produce electricity from daylight, different from the less efficient, dated, solar thermal (water heating) ...
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Live Feed From Our Solar Panels

Here at the Energy Shop we have 120 solar panels on our roof, generating free electricity to power our workplace ...
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Areas Covered

Experienced and professional installers of solar PV and air source heat pumps throughout East Anglia and South-East England. With 100’s ...
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Solar IBoost

Solar Hot Water

Did you know that photovoltaic solar panels can heat your water as well?  The more you utilise any spare electricity, ...
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