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Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)

All buildings which are for sale or available to rent need to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). Once awarded, this certificate will last for 10 years. EPCs are designed to indicate how costly a building is to heat and light, and what its emissions will be. Buildings are rated on a sliding scale from A to G, with A rated properties being the most efficient. These certificates also detail what energy efficiency rating could be achieved if improvements were made, which can prove useful if you are looking to identify ways to reduce your energy bills.


Installing solar will give you more ‘points’ on the energy efficiency scale, and is likely to push you up a band on your EPC certificate. As well as being essential if you are looking to sell your property, EPCs are also required if you wish to receive payments under the Feed in Tariff for your solar panels. Your property must have a rating of band D or above to qualify for this scheme.


Only accredited Domestic Energy Assessors can supply EPCs, so if you are looking for a local company to assess your home or business premises in East Anglia, please give us a call!

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