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The Export Tariff and Smart Export Guarantee

The Export Tariff is the subsidy paid to both home and business owners for supplying the national grid with renewable energy.

You will receive export tariff payments from your electricity supplier, for every unit of solar-generated electricity which you do not use, and therefore automatically sell back to the national grid.

The Government’s 2019 ‘Smart Export Guarantee’ legislation ensures all new solar PV owners are subsidised for their exported energy. 

How Much Can I Earn From The Export Tariff?

How much you will earn, and save from the Solar PV Export Tariff will depends on how much electricity you can generate, and how you utilise this energy within your home. 

Book a Free Energy Survey for your property below, to find out exactly how much a new Solar PV system will allow you to save on electricity bills, and earn with export payments, each year. 

What Is The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)?

The SEG Legislation was enforced January 1st 2020, ensuring all PV owners are subsidised for the energy they supply to the national grid, in the form of quarterly payments, from your electricity provider. 

This replaces the government’s Feed In Tariff scheme, which ended in March of 2019.

The goal of this new scheme is to ensure that homeowners are paid for supporting the national grid by generating renewable energy.

Not all tariffs are equal under the Smart Export Guarantee, and Solar PV owners are advised to shop around for the best rates. Please see our table below for a comparison. 


The Best Smart Export Guarantee Rate 2020

We have been recommending Octopus Energy since the Feed In Tariff cut at the end of April 2019. 

Octopus Energy are offering the best rate of export tariff, and have been for many months before any of the other energy providers. They did not wait until the government legislation was introduced to begin supporting Solar PV system owners.  

Please follow the link below to check the tariff rates available to you: 



Who Else Is Offering The Export Tariff?

The table below is a list of energy suppliers and the export tariffs they are offering their customers. If you are unsure of whether your current energy supplier is offering an Export Tariff, please phone them and ask.



Do I Need A Smart Meter For The Export Tariff?

Yes, you will need to have a smart meter installed in your home to be able to claim an export tariff, as this is the only way for your energy provider to know how much electricity you are exporting back to the grid.

What Is A Smart Meter?

A Smart Meter is a type of electricity/gas meter that will send readings from your home to your energy supplier. 

They usually come with in-home displays to help you understand more about your energy usage and to calculate more accurate energy bills. 

Will I Need To Pay For A Smart Meter?

There will be no cost involved for having a smart meter fitted, all energy providers are required by law to install one for you if you have requested one.

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