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Solar PV FAQs

Areal View of Solar Installation

Does the UK get enough sun? One of the most common misconceptions around Solar panels is that they only work in direct sunlight. This is simply not true, solar panels work in daylight. While Solar panels are more effective in sunnier weather, your Solar panels will still generate substantial amounts of energy on a cloudy day. If you need any more convincing, just consider the fact that one of the world’s leading solar power producers is Germany, a country with a similar climate to the UK.
Can you install on an asbestos roof? Certainly, we have installed on many asbestos roofs in the past; we will need to bring in asbestos experts to help with the installation.
Do I need planning permission? You will only need to apply for planning permission if you live in a listed building or if you are located in an area of outstanding natural beauty.
Will my Solar PV system work if there is a power cut? To ensure your safety, and that of the engineers working to restore power to the local grid, your Solar PV system’s inverters will cut out in the event of a power-cut. As soon as mains electricity is restored to your home, your system will automatically begin operating again.
How much maintenance is needed? A Solar PV system generally requires very little maintenance as there are no moving parts anywhere in the system.
What are the warranties and guarantees on a Solar PV system from Greenscape? Greenscape Energy offers a 10-year workmanship guarantee, in addition to manufacturer’s warranties, which are often 20+ years. We also take out a HIES insurance policy, for your PV system, on your behalf.

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