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Solar Hot Water

Solar Cache from Greenscape Energy - Heat your hot water with Solar PV

Did you know that photovoltaic solar panels can heat your water as well?  The more you utilise any spare electricity, the greater your return on investment. This is where the Solar Cache device comes in..


Solar Cache

Solar Cache is an innovative addition to solar installations which can divert excess solar-generated electricity into your immersion or storage heater, giving you free stored hot water for when you need it.

solar-cache-pngThe device also operates as a monitoring tool for your solar installation, allowing you to view your generation and consumption, along with how much energy is being bought or sent back to the grid- in real-time!

This neat little device is connected to your internet and can be accessed and operated on the move through your laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

This is the snow-covered version of our 'Greenscape Street' image, with the Energy Shop, fields and solar panels. Happy Christmas!
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