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Solar PV vs Solar Thermal

Following the changes to the Feed-In-Tariff at the end of March 2019, this information may be out of date. Please see our solar panels page for the latest information.

Are you considering Solar Thermal, or looking to upgrade an existing system?

• You could be around £5,000 better off with Solar PV, with additional earnings and greater savings.

Unrivalled Earnings with Solar PV

Solar PV (Feed-In-Tariff) payments are guaranteed for 20 years, allowing you to make a healthy return on investment after paying for your system; whereas Solar Thermal (Renewable Heat Incentive) payments will only last for 7 years, helping to cover just the initial outlay.

Greater Energy Bill Savings with Solar PV

• Save an additional £100-150 per year

Solar Thermal can only reduce your heating bills, whereas solar PV can be used to heat your hot water in addition to the 50%+ savings on electricity bills. Learn more about Solar Hot Water here.

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