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Solar Panel System Types

When deciding on which system is best for your property, your main consideration will be the choice of inverter.

The Inverter
The most intelligent, and expensive part of a solar panel installation is not the actual panels at all, but rather the 'inverter', which converts the solar energy (DC current) into the AC electricity you use in your plug sockets. This page will run you through the different options available to you.

The Panels
We are able to source any specific panels on request, or please speak to us today to find out what we can offer?

Basic System

String Inverter

With this type of system, all of the panels are connected in series to a ‘string inverter’. This effectively treats all of the panels as one giant panel. This system type is the lowest cost, however, the interconnectivity of the panels are its limitation. Like driving in traffic, you can only drive as fast as the slowest moving car – If one of the panels’ output is reduced due to shading, the whole system’s output is equally limited.
  • String inverters come with a 5 year manufacturers warranty.
Solar Panel Installation- String System Diagram


Individually Optimised Panels

Here you have two options, power optimisers or microinverters. We have set up a test environment at our showroom to work out which technology is better, and there is not much difference between the two in terms of performance. Why not pop in and see for yourself?

Both of these technologies offer the following advantages:

  • An average of 15% greater output (and therefore, your earnings).
  • Online monitoring, allowing you to check your system performance online and set up email alerts.
  • 20 year warranty - covering you
  • Reliability




Micro-Inverters convert the high voltage DC current from your panels, to your mains (AC) electricity, underneath each panel, so there is no need for a central inverter.

  • No central inverter in your garage/ loft
  • No high voltage DC current entering your property
  • In our experience, through 600+ installs, Enphase is the most reliable inverter option.


Solar Panel Installation- Enphase Microinverters System Diagram


Power Optimisers

Power Optimisers are located under each panel, allowing each one to work independently, whilst still converting the DC current to AC using a central inverter.

Solar Panel Installation- Solar Edge Power Optimisers System Diagram



Power Optimisers and Micro-Inverters come at a higher initial price, although they can provide better value in the long run through greater efficiency. Whilst you are paid for every unit that you generate it is in your best interests to maximise electricity production.



For an estimate detailing exactly how much extra you can make with individually optimised panels vs a string inverter, book a free energy survey today. 

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