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Fix Your Faulty Inverter

Find out how to identify faults with your solar panel system, arrange call outs for repairs, and what to do if you need a replacement inverter.


How to Check If Your Solar PV System Is Working

Once your solar PV panels have been installed on your roof and started to produce electricity it is highly unlikely that they will develop a fault. The cause of almost all PV system failures is a broken inverter. To check for faults follow these two steps:

  • Check the LED lights on your generation meter. If your red light is continually on, IN DAYLIGHT HOURS, your system will need maintenance.


  • Check the LED screen on your inverter. It may display a message or error code to highlight a fault.


  • For any other concerns, please talk to us on 01473 727 727.


Call Outs – Solar Panel Maintenance

Our call out charge is £150. This includes the cost of the labor to make any repairs – please see below for replacement inverters.

Existing customers – In addition to the cover of your 10-year workmanship guarantee, it is possible that we can diagnose your issue remotely. Please contact us with further information about your issue.


String Inverter Maintenance

Warranties for string inverters are usually 5 years long. In the knowledge that you will have to replace your inverter (at the cost of £1,000+) at least once during the lifetime of your feed-in-tariff payments – you may wish to consider an inverter upgrade.

  • Earn up to £1,500+ extra through improved performance
  • Save £1 ,000 – 2,000 on replacement string inverter(s)
  • Increase your inverter warranty to 25 years
  • Worry-free working system for lifetime of government payments

If you decide you would rather just replace your inverter like-for-like, Greenscape can install a replacement string inverter for you, usually within the week, ensuring that you do not miss out on lucrative earnings and savings from your solar PVsystem.


Micro Inverter or Power Optimiser Maintenance

These types of systems offer online monitoring. If you have the log in details, please log into the online monitoring panel whilst calling us, to enable our professionals to diagnose your problem more accurately.­

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