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Upgrade Your Inverter


Is Your Solar PV System Over 5 Years Old?

Replacing your old string inverter for a system with individually optimised panels will increase your system performance by 10-15%.

(Please read more about different solar PV system types here).products_services_m215_960x600


  • Earn upto £5,700.


  • Guarantee system performance for the full FIT payment timeline (Extended 20 year warranty saves you around £1,000 on replacing your old inverter).


  • Monitor your system’s performance online


  • Produce an additional 10-15% electricity.


  • If your panels are shaded, you can expect an even greater increase in production.


Get Your Free Solar PV System Check

Solar PV systems over three years old, with string inverters, will suffer losses in production efficiency. By measuring your actual output against predicted figures we can identify ways that you can produce more electricity, and receive more money in government subsidies, including how much extra you can expect to earn with individually optimised panels. Call us on 01473 727 727 to book.


Solar PV upgrade graph- how much you could make with power optimisers

How Are The Figures Calculated?

A standard-sized 4kW system with a string inverter will produce an average of 3,500kWh per year. Your new power optimisers will produce around 500kWh additional electricity per year, earning you an extra £250 annually with increased Feed-in-Tariff and Export Tariff payments*, *plus savings of £37.50 on your bills.
*FIT payments based on the 43.3p per kWh rate
*Savings based on using 50% of the electricity generated, with an average unit price of 15p per kWh.

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