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Earn Upto £10,000 To Install Air Source

Air Source (air to water) Heat Pumps absorb heat from the outside air, which can be used to heat radiators, hot water, or underfloor heating systems.

  • Earn up to £1,500 with the Renewable Heat Incentive each year
  • 300% efficient source of heating, offering significant savings over oil and LPG.
  • Put an end to fuel deliveries
  • Upgrade to an advanced heating system, which can be controlled from your phone

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Save 30-50% On Your Heating Bills

Every kW of electricity is converted to 3kW of heat. Even when compared to the most efficient, new oil boilers, this represents 30% savings on your heating bills.

An Upgrade That Pays For Itself

Get quarterly Renewable Heating Incentive payments for 7 years. Together with your fuel savings, the heating system will pay fr itself.

Energy Security

Protection from Price Increases. Oil and gas prices are exhaustible world commodities which are subject to big price swings. Get paid to produce heat instead!

Never Come Home To A Cold Home

Control Your Heating From Your Phone

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Book A Free Energy Survey

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