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How Air Source Heat Pumps Work

In the same way that a fridge extracts warm air from inside to stay cold, air source heat pumps extract warm air from outside. 

Air from the outside is sucked into the side of the heat pump and passed over a refrigerant liquid. The warmth in the air turns this refrigerant into a gas, which is then passed through a compressor, further increasing it’s temperature, before it is transferred to the heating system through a heat exchanger. 

Using one unit of electricity, your heat pump will output 3-4 units of heat (300%+ efficient), whereas most other forms of heating have less than 100% fuel efficiency. Air source heat pumps offer significant savings for all properties off the gas grid, especially when replacing an LPG, or oil heating system.

You are paid by the government for using renewable heating, and it offers many advantages over more traditional heating sources, like the ability to control your heating from your phone

Correctly sizing a suitable air source heating system for your property requires a technical design process, whereby a series of measurements will need to be taken and heat loss calculations made. We are currently offering Free Heat Loss Surveys, why not book yours today? 


Which Properties are Suitable for Air Source Heat Pumps?

Air sourced heat pumps are most suited to homes and commercial units which meet the following criteria:

Air Source Heat Pumps from Greenscape Energy

  • Enough Space: You will need floor or wall space outside your property, with enough space around the unit for it to get a good flow of air (300mm at the back/ sides, and 1 meter at the front).
  • Insulation: Air sourced heat pumps give out continuous heat at a moderate temperate, unlike traditional central heating systems which you might boost at certain times of the day to heat your home quickly. Therefore, it is important that your house is able to retain this heat. In some cases, we will arrange for additional insulation as part of your heat pump installation.
  • Heating System: Air-to-water heat pumps work with your existing radiators or wet underfloor heating.
  • Fuel Costs: You will see a faster return on investment if the system replaces electricity, LPG, coal or oil heating.
  • Solar: Air sourced heat pumps offer great savings over conventional heating sources, as they produce 3-4 units of heat for 1 unit of electricity consumed. This means you will still require some electricity to heat your property, so combining this system with solar panels will provide even greater savings on your bills and a better overall return on your investment.

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