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Replacing Your Oil Boiler

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Replace Your Old Oil Boiler and Stay warm with renewable heating from Greenscape Energy

If you need to repair an oil boiler, or you’re looking to install a new oil-fired heating system, why not consider swapping to an air source heat pump for a more efficient, cheaper to run and cleaner alternative to heat your home.

Upgrade to A New Heating System Which Can Pay for Itself!

  • Earn up to £1,650 with the Renewable Heat Incentive each year
  • Save up to 30% on heating costs over oil
  • Put an end to fuel deliveries
  • Upgrade to an advanced heating system, which can be controlled from your phone


Why Switch from Oil to Air Source Heating?

Air Source Heat Pumps are 300%+ efficient, turning 1 unit of electricity into 3 units of heat. As the most efficient form of heating, Air Source offers 30% savings over oil, and it is subsidised with government-backed Renewable Heat Incentive payments.

The market for oil is unregulated and therefore spikes in demand and/ or decreasing future supplies will leave you vulnerable to price hikes – meaning the fuel saving with air source is expected to significantly increase in years to come.

In addition, the need to deliver oil by road comes with the risk of running out whilst waiting for your next delivery. This is not a concern whilst using cleaner, renewable technologies; utilising readily available heat energy from the air to warm your home, and saving up to 4.8 tonnes in harmful CO2 emissions each year!


How Much Will A Heat Pump Cost Me?

To size the correct heat pump for your property, we need to undertake calculations considering the size and construction of each room, as defined in the MCS accredited installer regulations.
Book your Free Heat Loss survey today and get a comprehensive heat loss report for your home.


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