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Solar Panels

Solar panels allow you to generate your own, free electricity, and to earn money through the Government’s feed-in-tariff scheme. Greenscape Energy offers FREE ENERGY SURVEYS to show you how much you can earn, and save, with Solar PV.

For existing solar PV owners,  please find out more information about fixing faulty inverters, or upgrading your solar PV system here.

Quick Before The Feed In Tariff Ends!

The Feed in Tariff is set to end by 31 March 2019, this means that new applicants will not receive government backed funding for generating renewable electricity.

If you have already registered for the Feed In Tariff before this date, your payments will not be affected. 


Guarantee your 20 years of payments, book a free energy survey today!


Solar Panels for Homeowners

Join the 850,000 UK homeowners making money from solar, and contributing to a cleaner, greener future. With a solar installation from ...
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Solar Panels For Business

For businesses with electricity bills over £200 per month, solar offers a lucrative, low-risk investment. With the deadline for government subsidies fast ...
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Solar Panels

Free Energy Surveys

One of our fully qualified energy surveyors will come out and visit you to show you how much you can ...
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Solar Panels

Feed In Tariff

An investment in solar panels for your home will yield a 6-8%+ return on investment year on year, which could ...
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System Types Diagram- Featured Image

Solar Panel System Types

When deciding on which system is best for your property, your main consideration will be the choice of inverter. The ...
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How Solar Works

Photovoltaic Panels Solar PV (photovoltaic) panels produce electricity from daylight, different from the less efficient, dated, solar thermal (water heating) ...
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Live Feed From Our Solar Panels

Take a look at how the solar panels on our showroom are performing in real time, and see how solar ...
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Areas Covered

Experienced and professional installers of solar PV and air source heat pumps throughout East Anglia and South-East England. With 100’s ...
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