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Solar Panels for Business

For businesses with large electricity bills (over £200 per month), solar offers a lucrative, low risk investment; with payments guaranteed for 20 years and 8% - 14%+ annual returns. 

  • Free Electricity
  • Protect Your Business - from future energy price rises
  • Brand Equity - Boost the value of your brand, showcase your green credentials. 
  • Add Value to Your Assets - Increase the value of your business premises. 
  • Potential 14%+ Annual Return On Investment
Solar Panels

Free Energy Surveys

One of our fully qualified energy surveyors will come out and visit you to show you how much you can …
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Solar Panels

Feed In Tariff

An investment in solar panels for your home will yield a 6-8%+ return on investment year on year, which could …
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System Types Diagram- Featured Image

Solar Panel System Types

When deciding on which system is best for your property, your main consideration will be the choice of inverter. The …
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How Solar Works

Photovoltaic Panels Solar PV (photovoltaic) panels produce electricity from daylight, different from the less efficient, dated, solar thermal (water heating) …
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Live Feed From Our Solar Panels

Take a look at how the solar panels on our showroom are performing in real time, and see how solar …
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Areas Covered

Experienced and professional installers of solar PV and air source heat pumps throughout East Anglia and South-East England. With 100’s …
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Solar Panels for Homeowners from Greenscape Energy in Ipswich

This is the snow-covered version of our 'Greenscape Street' image, with the Energy Shop, fields and solar panels. Happy Christmas!
Solar Panel and Heat Pump Installers