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Feed In Tariff

Solar Panels


The Feed-In-Tariff has closed to new applicants as of 31.03.2019.
We will update this page once we receive further information from the government about renewable energy subsidies.



Quarterly payments you receive from your energy provider (subsidised by the Government) for installing solar panels. This is the primary incentive to encourage UK homeowners to generate their own renewable electricity.  (Speak to our team for the current rates - 01473 727 727).

You are paid for every unit of electricity that you generate. This rate is guaranteed for 20 years once you are signed up for solar, and the payments increase in line with inflation (CPI linked).

Feed-in-Tariff Is Ending?

The feed-in tariff is set to end in 2019, we advise all people interested in investing in solar panels to do it as soon as possible. If you get your panels installed before the end of the feed-in-tariff you will still get 20 years guaranteed payments. If you already have solar panels and they are registered for the FIT then you do not need to worry about your payments stopping as this only applies to new applications.

Export Tariff

This is the money you receive, in addition to the feed-in-tariff, for the units of energy that you do not use and sell back to the national grid. The electricity you do not use is automatically sent back to the grid and requires no input on your part.  (Speak to our team for the latest rates).

The amount you send back to the grid is not metered (for installs under 30kW), so the amount you are paid for exporting is 50% of what you have produced.

Electricity Savings

In addition to the subsidies, solar energy will allow you to save around 40%-60% on your electricity bills. You can maximise this saving by running your appliances during the day when your panels are producing the most electricity, or using the surplus electricity to heat your hot water.

To find out exactly how much you will save and earn with soalr PV for your property, book a free energy survey for your detailed performance estimate.

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