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Feed In Tariff

Solar Panels

Can I Get Some Extra Panels?

  • You cannot extend a system which already claims the Feed In Tariff
  • Any additional panels must be part of a new install.


How Solar Works Post-FIT

  • Solar PV still offers an 8-10% return on investment.
    (The FIT Scheme has served it’s purpose, in helping to reduce the wholesale costs of the kit)
    For every unit of energy you generate, you will save money by not having to buy electricity from the grid, instead using the free electricity from your solar PV system.
  • GENERATION TARIFF (you are no longer paid for this… however there is still an export tariff)


    If you are unable to use the electricity you have generated, it automatically flows back to the grid.
    In replacement of the government’s scheme, energy providers like Octopus Energy will now pay you an export tariff (Outgoing Octopus Tariff) where you will get 5.5p for every unit of electric that your PV system produces, which you do not use.
  • From 1 Jan 2020 – the government are making every energy provider offer export payments (this is called the Smart Export Guarantee announced only last weekend)

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