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Solar Panels Case Study

Mr Smith spends £600 per year on electricity and pays 14p per unit.
He has had a 4kW PV system installed, as follows:

  • 14 295w Panels
  • Standard String Inverter
  • Pitch of roof: 35 Degrees
  • Orientation of roof: Due South
  • No shading on the roof where the panels will be installed



Estimated System Performance

Feed In Tariff

3969 kWh at 3.93 pence = £156

3936kW is how many units his system should produce in a year, and the Feed In Tariff rate is currently 3.93 pence for every kW of renewable electricity produced.

Energy Exported

1984 kWh at 5.24 pence = £104

The exported energy is a deemed figure- it is not metered. This is worked out at 50% of the energy he has have produced, and the export tariff is paid at 5.24 pence per unit.

Energy Used

1984 kWh at 14 pence = £278

In this instance, our customer cannot quite reduce his electricity bill by half, if we assume that he is unable to use any more than 50% of the electricity his panels have produced (in keeping with MCS recommendations). He will therefore save £278 per year by not having to buy these 1984 units from his electricity provider.



Total Combined Savings & Earnings & Return on Investment

The total amount of saving & earnings made annually is £538, and the system cost him £6,119.40. This means he will get an annual return on investment of 8.8%.

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